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Jim Stevens                                               Ron Nehls
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Certified 5-Path® & 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®          Ericksonian Hypnotists
(Exclusive To Central & Eastern  WA)

 Stop Smoking       Weight Loss        Pain Management         Phobias
  Stress & Anxiety           Sales Improvement     Sports Performance
Anger Management     Past Life Regression   Age Regression     Sleep

Fees vary according to the number of sessions likely to be needed 
(min. of 2 suggested up to 6 typically).

Plus these additional support tools working with Ron & Jim.

5-Path Hypnosis ®                               7th Path Self-Hypnosis ®

NLP        Sedona Method        The One Command        Silva Method


First Visit is a 30 Minute Consultation ----- No Charge.


Learn How Hypnosis Can Help You & Get All Of Your Questions Answered.

                • How We Work With Your Concerns
                • How Many Sessions Are Needed
                • How Much Time Will It Take
                • How Much Are The Sessions
                • Are There Package Rates

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  Jim Stevens                                                Ron Nehls   

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