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 Jim Stevens
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Jim Stevens is a long time native of Central Washington.

Jim is a graduate and Certified Hypnotist from the American School of Hypnosis as well as an instructor of The Silva Method.  He also studied and became a practioner of The One Command, NLP, Sedona Method, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Psychology of Winning and Mental Toughness.

Jim is a Certified Master Hypnotist,  licensed with the Washington State Department of Health as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist # HP60900972.  

Jim works in the following areas:  Weight Loss, Smoking, Sports Performance, Sales & Business Performance, Pain Management, Life Purpose, Past Life Regression, Enhancing Intuition and more.

Jim grew up a "Cop's Kid".  With his Dad being a police officer and believing his son needed to see all that life brought upon us, he got to see the issues people can experience when life doesn't go as planned.  Stress, violence, family problems, alcohol and drug abuse, family abuse, money issues, all of it.  Jim got to "ride along" on too many calls to count.

This was the foundation for the deep caring Jim developed for people.  Seeing these problems and having a father that cared as well and getting up close and very personal, was the beginning of his desire to know what makes people "tick" and more importantly....

What makes them BETTER.

Making desired changes using Hypnosis is simple.  Much easier than using "Will Power" alone, which as we know, is the weakest force for change there is.

Working with me, using Hypnosis, you are always in control.  You will never do anything or accept any suggestions you wouldn't want to see in your normal waking state.

Working with me, you're always in a safe place, with nothing but comfortable surroundings and a champion for healthy change at your side.

"We all run on inner programs.  The very good news?  Programs can be changed."

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